Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Look What I Found!

Always been curious about 3D nail art...u know the kind u see in japanese magazines where the girls have really crazy nails with lots of flowers and stuff. Well, I found this 3D kit from a cart store at Junction had loads of other nail related stuff. Alot of really nice nail stickers, jewels..etc. A bit ex though...this kit cost me$49.90. :( Oh well...been looking for quite a while. And the instructions are all in Japanese! Ai yo! So I just follow the pics and try try. Quite difficult to get the right shape and consistency...more practice for me.

Oh yah...n the liquid is seriously smelly! It stinks of super strong alcohol. Actually, after a while you get used to the smell n its not too bad. My boyfriend is convinced I will get alcohol poisoning from inhaling the fumes n forced me to open my windows when doing it. Didn't really want to cos all the bugs n mosquitoes will fly in. No choice.

The kit comes with 3 different colours and a small brush. And...more instructions in JAPANESE!

Here's a series of practice attempts I made. Ya..n I used a Nail art magazine for the backing as inspiration to follow. Will keep u updated on my progress.


ying2 said...

i like ur nail art very much..
cuz i m addicted to 3D nail art too..
i was searching for that kit also..
unfortunately its tht expensiv.. =(
i tried using nail polish too..
its works a bit bit la..
but still prefer da 3D one.. hehe..

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